Learn Latin

I studied Latin throughout my secondary education and for two years at Bordeaux University, France, in addition to my degree in English/Spanish. I also have established a Latin extra-curricular GCSE course, which has been running successfully for 19 years. Also currently teaching and tutoring at the University of Sussex.


It has always been one of my favourite subjects: a bit of a challenge, but a rewarding and fascinating insight into the roots of many modern languages. Thanks to my classical education, I have acquired a sound grammatical knowledge, invaluable for studying any foreign language.

I can offer:

  • A beginner’s course to understand the basic principles of Latin grammar
  • An elementary course to build on previous knowledge and read some classics
  • A more proficient course to read original classic authors
  • Help with GCSE, including language, literature and Roman culture
  • Translation of inscriptions, mottoes, etc.

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